Nutrition & Weight Loss


It is often said that muscles are created in the kitchen. The reality is that if you work out religiously and do not watch what you put in your mouth, you will not feel or look fit. It is critical to match your health, wellness and fitness goals with the right eating behaviors. Those behaviors, or regimens, can be created on a customized basis with our fitness trainers and registered dietitian.

Nutrition and Weight Loss

Whether you are a CEO of a major corporation, or an equity trader with little time to leave your desk—you all need to eat. It’s the question of what you should eat to be strong, healthy and high performing…and we help you determine what, how much and how often you should do on the fitness and food side to achieve your goals.

Our registered dietitian helps clients end the dieting mentality and attain nutrition goals that are safe and sustainable, based on a philosophy of using real food and evidence-based practices to prevent or manage chronic disease.

Clients receive practical recommendations that fit into their lives. We understand that many people do not have time to cook and eating out is a reality of New York City living. No food is restricted, but nutrient-rich choices are the central focus, and emphasis is also placed on mindful and intuitive eating. Clients learn to confront old habits and thought patterns, and clue into how food makes them feel. By the end of her program, clients have a more peaceful relationship with food and are better equipped to make healthful choices, while still indulging in their favorite foods.