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Pompage is an effective method of relieving pain in the joints.

It can be used to speed the healing of joint ailments including: bursitis, tendonitis, sprains, torn cartilage, arthritis, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, carpal tunnel, and shoulder impingement. Anyone who suffers from these conditions would benefit from Pompage. The pain in an inflamed or dysfunctional joint is often due to dehydration caused by immobility and fascial restriction.

The goal of Pompage is to create an environment of negative pressure within the joint which will “draw in” fluids that are necessary to extinguish the fire that is inflammation and help restore the suppleness that exists in a healthy joint. Pompage has been known to help speed recovery and minimize the trauma brought on by intense training. Our personal trainers are extremely knowledgeable about pompage, and work this methodology into the personal training services offered.


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