About KOOP Strength & Wellness

NYC SOMA Trainer, Fitness Performance Coach & Chiropractic Doctor


Whether you aspire to be an elite athlete or are looking to improve your level of fitness and wellness, KOOP Strength's highly trained staff will help you achieve your personal goals.

Our staff offers a thorough understanding of human anatomy, physiology, and kinetics in a highly personalized space for maximum comfort, privacy, attention and results.

By definition, KOOP Strength & Wellness is an acronym for Kinetics Optimized to Out Perform...and that's what we do with each and every one of our clients. In the spirit of these results our Founder, and exercise scientist Pete Kupprion brings to the wellness concept to life. With each workout, the goal is to gradually improve function, muscular balance and remove stress from the body. Pete studied Soma Training under the world-renowned osteopath, Guy Voyer, DO. Some of his specialties are ELDOA (spinal stretching exercises), myofascial stretching, and pompage (pumping of the joints to speed healing and recovery).

About KOOP Strength & Wellness

Combining the best practices from both the fitness and wellness sciences, we have created a fitness and wellness lifestyle brand that our discerning clients can come to when they want to achieve their goals. We fully understand that as the human body ages, it has additional challenges that need to be addressed from a training and conditioning perspective, and that is what we do well. We work with our clients to mitigate injury—both skeletal and muscular and optimize their performance, in and out of the gym.

Our clients get our undivided and professional attention, always. Our facility offers private showers/changing rooms rather than locker rooms and have multiple private training environments (pods) to ensure proper social distancing. We offer personal training/corrective exercise, as well as therapeutic massage solutions to improve efficiency of your overall fitness and wellness.

We hope to join you on your fitness and wellness journey towards your results.



Our Founder and CEO, Pete Kupprion is the secret weapon of captains of industry, Wall Street's finest and those high performing professionals committed to being, looking and feeling their best-at all times. He started in this business in 1997 and has a thorough understanding of human anatomy, physiology, kinetics and nutrition. This is exactly why many of these personal training clients ask Pete to come into their companies to educate and train their staffs-all with the end game of creating healthier, happier and high performing teams. Pete also offers customized presentations, workshops and seminars for groups of all sizes.

About KOOP Strength & Wellness


Founder & Soma Trainer

Pete Kupprion BS, Soma Trainer, has been helping discerning New Yorkers transform their bodies and optimize their health for over 20 years. A graduate of The College of New Jersey with a specialty in exercise science, Pete has developed a unique understanding of the integration of the systems of the body. 

Pete also understands the minds of highly focused and goal oriented individuals. For many years, top hedge fund, money managers and financial services executives have relied on Pete to help them achieve maximum results in the minimum amount of time. Several of these intensely motivated clients have had Pete set up private training facilities within their company headquarters to train their key staff members.

In addition to studying under the world's top strength and conditioning coaches, Pete has also studied Soma Training under the world-renowned osteopath, Guy Voyer, DO. Some of his specialties are ELDOA (spinal stretching exercises), myofascial stretching, pompage (pumping of the joints to speed healing and recovery) and GPS (Global Postural Stretching). He is one of an elite group of trainers worldwide who are qualified to incorporate these techniques into their training systems. Pete has developed a proprietary training system called The KOOP Strength Method, that holistically integrates all of his clinical practical and therapeutic knowledge and training for the benefit of his discerning clientele.

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Performance Coach

Stephen Csolak BS, CPT has been inspiring clients as well as fitness professionals to empower themselves through fitness throughout his career. Stephen's passion exists in cultivating self-worth in others, so they have the confidence to pursue life to the fullest.

After graduating from the University of South Carolina, specializing in Public Health and Exercise Science, Stephen joined and quickly rose through the ranks of Equinox Fitness Clubs. During his tenure, he mentored over 250 personal trainers in all aspects of their development including program design and business development. All the while, he maintained a high level of training expertise, worked 1 on 1 with a select group of clients as well as pursued numerous continuing education certifications including but not limited to; Precision Nutrition, Functional Movement System, Pre/Post Natal, Corrective Exercise Specialist and became an IKMA Krav Maga Instructor.

Stephen continues to apply his knowledge and experience while focusing on his development at KOOP Strength under the tutelage of Pete Kupprion, studying the KOOP Strength Method, Soma Training and ELDOA techniques.

Pete was instrumental in Stephen's professional development, dedicating time as a close mentor over the past 10 years. Stephen is ecstatic about working alongside Pete with their shared vision of sustainable, anti-aging and performance-based wellness.

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Doctor of Chiropractic Health

Louis Fierro, Jr. DC focuses on each client's individual goals and specific healthcare needs. His thorough soft tissue treatments re-establish the synergistic relationship between structure and functional performance which is key to longevity and overall wellness. He does this by correcting neuro-musculoskeletal imbalances, clients experience improvement in their body's kinetic movement patterns leading to more quality movement, reduction in pain and improved performance no matter what field you choose to play on!

For the past 20 years, Dr. Lou has been providing specialized care for elite level professional athletes, collegiate & youth athletes, weekend warriors and deconditioned corporate professionals. Dr. Lou has been a lifelong athlete himself and understands the link between providing patient-focused treatments while utilizing a collaborative team approach. This partnership ensures each client achieves the maximum healthcare benefit in the most efficient manner. Dr. Lou loves to say - "We all have an athlete in us, so you should receive the same treatment as a professional athlete with respect to your healthcare."

Dr. Lou has performed several speaking engagements on topics ranging from "Benefits of strength training for the female athlete," "The importance of proper hydration for the professional athlete," and "Proper nutrition for the youth athlete."

We serve across Manhattan, NYC, and the surrounding areas.