Louis Fierro DC

Doctor Of Chiropractic Health

Louis Fierro DC - Doctor of Chiropractic Health at KOOP Strength and Wellness NYC

Louis Fierro, Jr. DC focuses on each client's individual goals and specific healthcare needs. His thorough soft tissue treatments re-establish the synergistic relationship between structure and functional performance which is key to longevity and overall wellness. He does this by correcting neuro-musculoskeletal imbalances, clients experience improvement in their body's kinetic movement patterns leading to more quality movement, reduction in pain and improved performance no matter what field you choose to play on!

For the past 20 years, Dr. Lou has been providing specialized care for elite level professional athletes, collegiate & youth athletes, weekend warriors and deconditioned corporate professionals. Dr. Lou has been a lifelong athlete himself and understands the link between providing patient-focused treatments while utilizing a collaborative team approach. This partnership ensures each client achieves the maximum healthcare benefit in the most efficient manner. Dr. Lou loves to say - "We all have an athlete in us, so you should receive the same treatment as a professional athlete with respect to your healthcare."

Dr. Lou has performed several speaking engagements on topics ranging from "Benefits of strength training for the female athlete," "The importance of proper hydration for the professional athlete," and "Proper nutrition for the youth athlete."