Agata Jozefowicz PT HSS SSE SFMA FRCMS

PNF - NYC Certified Physical Therapist

Agata Jozefowicz - Certified Physical Therapist at KOOP Strength and Wellness NYC

Agata Jozefowicz is a New York State Board Certified Physical Therapist who specializes in orthopedic and sports medicine rehabilitation. As a healthcare provider, she has developed a distinctive approach that enhances patients’ goals with a focus on thoroughness and consistency. Agata values quality over quantity. She incorporates an adapted one-on-one based PT model that results in a significantly accelerated recovery time with a decrease in re-injury cases.

With unique expertise in treatment, Agata has worked with high level athletes from a variety of fields including professional football, hockey, and fencing. Agata also provides therapy to Broadway performers, ballet dancers, movie producers, and actors, as well as to professionals within the financial industry; she provides these individuals the means to reach their recovery goals within a time-frame that allows them to return to their daily duties without excessive delay. Agata has a dedicated passion for physical capability and movement that has inspired her to pursue courses in continuing education. She traveled to the west coast to complete a 9-month Postgraduate Residency, with a focus on Neuromuscular Rehabilitation, at the Kaiser Foundation Rehabilitation Center in Vallejo, CA. While there, she studied Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF). Agata is one of just a few PTs in New York City to be recognized as a PNF Level 5 Therapist by the International PNF Association (IPNFA). This expertise allows her to clinically recognize the intimate reciprocity between neuromuscular and orthopedic systems and how they are inseparable from body movement. Agata is also certified in Selective Functional Movement Assessment and Functional Range Conditioning: she is also an HSS (Hospital for Special Surgery) Sports Safety Educator. This experience empowers her to incorporate groundbreaking techniques in her personalized treatment.

As an accomplished athlete, Agata truly understands the importance of a disciplined work ethic and how to succeed on a competitive level. As a physical therapist, Agata does not lose time on a patient’s inabilities or limitations. Her goal is to not only return each patient to their maximum level of functionality but to guide them to an even higher level of performance than previously achieved. Her practiced technique focuses on the power and promise of the individual’s capabilities. Agata's patients can expect excellent results thanks to her truly successful approach to PT.

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